Standard Test Method for non-dispersible matter by mechanical flushing



Usage Wet sieving, cleansing from mud  



Input material Powder, suspensions and sludge  



Number of fractions Standard 1  


Batch/Quantity of solids 5 to 200 g

Bedienungsanleitung Deutsch


Principle of functioning

Inside the TEST SET A 2000 testing device the pigment or filler to be tested is flushed through a sieve by a water jet which is situated inside the container. The fine materials are separated from the coarse materials by the water and the fine particles are flushed through a sieve. The sieve residue is spread thin, washed again (approx. 2 min.), dried and gravimetrically analysed according to the guidelines. Appropriate sieves (main range ISO 565) must be used according to the different testing guidelines.

. Furthermore the recommendations of the ASTM-D 1514 standard must be used.


The percentage of the components of impurities is specifically prescribed and is analysed in order to maintain the desired product quality. The TEST SET A 2000 quickly provides the result which can be adjusted to the prescribed limiting values within the quality control.

The TEST SET A 2000 is particularly important for extruded products and spinnable fibres. It provides reproducible results even for the most difficult products.

Examples for application

The TEST SET A 2000 is used worldwide mainly for carbons. Applications for anorganic pigments and fillers / extenders are also possible.


  • Sieve pocket lens for an easy
    and fast inspection of sieve material acc. DIN EN 565, 3310-1
  • Pump for pressure increase
Technical Data*
housing alloyed special steel
analysis container alloyed special steel
container cover/lid glass
length 400 mm
depth 380 mm
hight 600 mm
weight approx. 13,4kg
pressure reducing valve Ms, adjustable 2- 5 bar
water pressure (adjusted acc. to ASTM) 2 bar
flow rate indicator 60 – 600 L/h
flow rate at nozzle ~ 450 L/h
general flow rate ~ 450 L/h
timer 0- 120 min
input directly onto the sieve
outlet hopper with discharge hose alloyed special steel
noise characteristic values DIN 45635-01
emitting value referring to the L pA eq = < 50 dB (A)
*Subject to modification
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