Standard Test Method for non-dispersible matter by mechanical flushing



Usage Wet screening, classification, elutriation, screen section  



Input material Powder, suspensions and sludge  



Number of fractions Standard 1 (max. 3)  


Batch/Quantity of solids 5 to 200 g

Bedienungsanleitung Deutsch


Principle of functioning

Inside the testing device the pigment or extender to be tested is brought into a circular movement by a water jet rotor which is situated inside the vessel. The fine materials are separated from the coarse materials by the water and the fine particles are flushed through a sieve. The sieve residue is dried and gravimetrically analysed according to the guidelines. Appropriate sieves (main range ISO 565) must be used according to the different testing guidelines. Furthermore the recommendations of the DIN EN ISO 787-18 must be used.

The percentage of the components of impurities is specifically prescribed and is analysed in order to maintain the desired product quality. The TEST SET MT 1 testing device quickly provides the result which can be adjusted to the prescribed limiting values within the quality control. The TEST SET MT 1 is particularly important for extruded products and spinnable fibres. It provides reproducible results even for the most difficult products.

Examples for application

The TEST SET MT 1 is used worldwide for the testing of anorganic pigments, aerosils, silanes and carbons and also for materials like zinc oxide. Applications for organic polymers are possible in selected cases.


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Technical Data* 
housing alloyed special steel
analysis container glass / Ms, alloyed special steel / Ms
container cover/lid Ms nickeled
motor 24V DC 10 rpm
mains 110 V or 230V 50 Hz
hight 700 mm
lifting height container cover 900 mm
width incl. waterfilter 345 mm
depth 420 mm
weight 29 kg
water filter P A, < 60 micron
pressure reducing valve Ms, adjustable 0-6 bar
water pressure (adjusted acc. to DIN) 3 bar
flow rate indicator 60 – 600 l/h
general flow rat 300 l/h
flow rate at nozzles 145 l/h
timer 0- 60 min
intake hopper alloyed special steel
outlet hopper with discharge hose alloyed special steel
noise characteristic values DIN 45635-01
emitting value referring to the L pA eq = 50 dB (A)
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